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Monday 19 April 2021

10am, 6:30pm

Directed by Lee Isaac Chung



115 mins

A highly acclaimed film about a 7-year-old Korean American boy who must come to terms with his surroundings when his family moves into a trailer home in the middle of nowhere to search for the American Dream in 1980s Arkansas.

As if that isn’t enough, his mischievous grandmother from Korea comes to live with them. In one touching scene, the boy says to her: ‘Grandma, you’re not a real grandma. They bake cookies! They don’t swear! They don’t wear men’s underwear!’

A tender and sweeping story about what grounds us, Minari shows the undeniable resilience of family and what really makes a home amidst the instability and challenges of a new life in the rugged Ozarks.


A raw and vividly remembered story of two simultaneous assimilations; it’s the story of a family assimilating into a country, but also the story of a man assimilating into his family. – IndieWire

The filmmaker works patiently in small sequences that accrue imperceptibly into something grander. – Vulture

A gentle, truthful and tender story of a family filled with kind people trying to love one another the best they can. – Los Angeles Times