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Monday 15 February

10:00am, 6:30pm

Directed by Jan Komasa

Polish/English subtitles



116 min

Twenty year old Daniel has found God whilst incarcerated in a youth detention centre but his criminal record excludes him from entering the seminary. At the end of his sentence, he is sent to a small town to take up a position in a woodworking factory but, thanks to a stolen collar, is mistakenly taken as the parish’s new clergyman. It’s a seemingly God-given opportunity for transformation and Daniel – whilst wholly unconventional in his approach (and after a shaky start) – takes to the pulpit with a fervour and compassion that his predecessor has clearly lacked. Meanwhile, the arrival of this magnetic young preacher seems to be the spark needed for the town to acknowledge a recent tragedy that has affected the entire community, one that few have been able to speak about. But not everyone is open to his approach and Daniel learns the hard way that following the road to salvation can also lead one astray…

This is a blistering drama, intense, disturbing and inescapably thought-provoking, a film that gets its power from a merging of potent opposites. – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

It’s been a while since the choice of what movie to see has been so clear. ‘Corpus Christi’ is that movie. Just go. – Paul Byrnes, The SMH/The Age

Urgent and compelling. A fiery take on faith and fakery, as open to interpretation as a biblical parable… and just as potent. – Vicky Roach, The Sunday Telegraph