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Wednesday 24 March 2021

10am, 2pm, 5pm, 7.30pm

Directed by Thomas Vinterberg



117 mins

Mads Mikkelsen reunites with the Danish director of 2013 Oscar nominee The Hunt for this Cannes-selected story of a group of friends who put a controversial theory – that maintaining a certain blood alcohol level improves social performance – to the test.

Another Round (Druk) explores the euphoria and pain of an unbridled life through the actions of four friends who are all teachers at various stages of middle age and stuck in a rut. Unable to share their passions either at school or at home, they embark on an audacious experiment from an obscure philosopher to see if a constant level of alcohol in their blood will help them find greater freedom and happiness.

At first, they each find a new-found zest but, as the gang pushes their experiment further, issues that have been simmering for years come to a head and the men are faced with a choice – reckon with their behaviour or continue on the same course.


This is a movie about the joys of friendship, among many other things, and the possibility of change for the better – not only for the worse, and not only through blood-alcohol adjustment. – Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal

A slightly flippant tragicomedy of booze and midlife defiance, based on a pseudoscientific theory. The performances are persuasive, especially the alpha-leader who ruinously makes being drunk look pretty acceptable until it is too late. – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian