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Monday 15 March 2021

10am, 6:30pm

Directed by Paddy Breathnach


Drama/Social Realism

86 mins

Premiering at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Rosie depicts a 36-hour period in which Rosie and her partner strive to find somewhere to live while shielding their 4 young children from the reality of their situation.

Set in present day Dublin. As soon as the eldest three are at school, Rosie spends each day trying to find somewhere to sleep for the coming night, working off a list of hotels provided by the city.

This is not the kind of family that relies on benefits from the state. Devoted dad washes dishes in the kitchen of a high-end restaurant while Rosie is a full-time mum. When their landlord decides to sell the house in which they are living, they are left with nowhere to go. They become homeless because housing prices and rents have risen to a level they simply can’t afford.


Under the sympathetic direction of Paddy Breathnach, we are shown the precision-timed routines designed to provide a fragile stability for the sake of the kids, but the physical and emotional strain is clear for all to see.
Andrew Collins, Radio Times

It’s a heartbreaking, accurate, well-acted ride that made me think about how easily things can be lost in a moment and how miraculous love can be when in the face of desperate situations. – Filipe Freitas, Always Good Movies