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Monday 14 February

10am, 6.30pm

Director Leighton De Barros



90 minutes

Jaimen Hudson’s aerial whale and dolphin imagery are stunning. His spectacular photographs and videos reach hundreds of millions of people online and he has been interviewed by media organisations across the world. However, Jaimen has a dream to take his talents to the next level and pursue his childhood dream of filming underwater.

Embarking on the greatest challenge of his life, Jaimen begins his quest to become the world’s first underwater cinematographer with quadriplegia. Struggling against the constraints of his disability and the concerns of those around him, Jaimen sets out to prove to himself and the world that nothing will keep him from achieving his dreams.

From Sky to Sea is a beautifully shot, heart-melting look into Jaimen’s life that leaves the viewer holding back tears, cheering, and unshakably fixated on what the outcome will be for one of the most inspiring and lovable humans you will likely ever come across. – James Greenaway, Reviews by Judith (and Friends)

I had never heard of Jaimen Hudson before watching this documentary and it was an excellent way to be introduced to both him and his work. He’s an inspiring man, and this is an exceptional documentary. – Dylan Blight, Explosion Network