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Monday May 17

10am, 6.30pm

Directed by Gregory Kershaw & Michael Dwek



84 mins

Deep in the forests of Northern Italy resides the prized white Alba truffle. Desired by the wealthiest patrons in the world, it remains a pungent but rarefied mystery.

The only people who know how to dig it up are a tiny circle of canines and their silver-haired hunter companions – Italian elders with walking sticks and devilish senses of humour who only scour for the truffles at night so as not to leave any clues.

With unprecedented access to the elusive truffle hunters, the filmmakers follow the cycle from the forest floor to the pristine restaurant plate.

Exquisite documentary framed like a classic painting. – David Stratton, Weekend Australian

A scrumptious, melancholic cinematic journey into the storied world of truffle hunters in Northern Italy. – Tomris Laffly, Variety

It’s a film to leave you with a smile on your face. – Peter Bradshaw, Guardian