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Wednesday, February 8

10am, 2:30pm, 5pm, 7:30pm

Director Davide Minnella


Italian (English subtitles)

106 minutes

Good-hearted Carmine isn’t cut out for criminal life with the Camorra. Under the protection of his boss Pasquale (Gianfranco Gallo), he’s sent north to run a money laundering operation through a Roman restaurant. He simply needs to defrost frozen meals, issue receipts, and serve dinner. But everything changes when he meets the down-on-her-luck Consuelo (Greta Scarano), a talented chef searching for perfection, who dreams of winning a Michelin star. Could their shared passion for food give them both a second chance?

Offers up a delectable blend of haute cuisine, crime and good feeling. – Cineuropa

A light-heartedly dramatic epicurean romantic crime comedy with taste, The Perfect Dinner makes perfect introductions between business and business, Italian style, and the pitfalls of mixing it with pleasure. – John P Harvey, BMA