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Wednesday 26 July

10am, 2:30pm, 5pm, 7:30pm

Director Louis Garrel



English subtitles

100 minutes

Familial tensions, criminal hijinks and unexpected romance collide in the uproariously entertaining new comedy about the misguided attempts of a dedicated son who, in trying to protect his mother, finds himself embroiled in an elaborate heist.

Lyon, present day. When widowed marine biologist Abel, learns that his impulsive mum Sylvie is once again re-marrying – this time to an inmate she met whilst teaching theatre in prison – he’s much more than uncomfortable. Doubting that convicted burglar Michel is capable of turning over a new leaf, Abel’s protective streak kicks in, and so with the help of his best friend Clémence he begins tailing his new stepfather’s movements. Their amateur sleuthing is quickly uncovered by Michel and triggers an unlikely – and bold – business proposition for them both…

Delicious – a classical comedy of mirth. – Paul Byrnes, SMH

Touching and funny. The kind of breezy good time that’s hard to find at the movies these days. It’s not devoid of deeper meaning, but it’s brimming, first and foremost, with a relish for storytelling that’s playful and fun. Go see it. – Jason Di Rosso, ABC Radio National