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Wednesday 28 July

10am, 2pm, 5pm, 7.30pm

Directed by Pablo Larraín



102 mins

Strong sex scenes

Free-spirited, platinum-blonde Ema is a beguiling, stubborn and fiercely talented young dancer and teacher. Her insatiable passion lies in the sexy reggaetón music she and her friends dance to on the city’s streets.  She forged a career as part of an experimental modern ensemble overseen by her husband, demanding choreographer Gastón.

The couple is reeling from a crisis.  They’ve just returned their adopted 12-year-old son Polo to child services, after the troubled boy set fire to their home and injured Ema’s sister. The couple’s agonising decision spins the marriage into chaos, but the guilt-ridden Ema refuses to let go, and sets out on a strange, secretive, and fearless quest to reunite her family. The result is unforgettable.

Alluring, invigorating and breathtakingly hallucinogenic. One of the best films of the year. –  Harris dang, The Au Review

2021’s most extraordinary film. Burn, baby, burn. – Stephanie Bunbury, SMH/The Age