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Wednesday 9th December, 2020

10am, 2pm, 5pm, 7.30pm

Director Sasie Sealy


1hr 40mins


Chinese (sub titled)

In New York City’s Chinatown, a Chinese grandma goes all in at the casino, and lands herself on the wrong side of luck.

A film that presents us with a heroine unlike any we have grown accustomed to seeing earn top billing in the crime genre. She is Grandma Wong, an 80-year-old widow so enamoured with smoking that her presence is first announced by the lit end of her cigarette. After spending over half of her life working tirelessly, only to be left with no financial means of keeping her cherished apartment, she decides to take her fate quite literally into her own hands, all the while being spurred by the delusional certainty that she has luck on her side, just as the Blues Brothers were convinced that their spree of vehicular carnage was justified by a mission from God. 

Lucky Grandma is not a deep or complicated film, but it does have an underlying message that people should not be quick to dismiss or underestimate the power of a very determined and stubborn elderly woman.  Carla Hay, Culture Mix

A wickedly entertaining dark comedy, steeped in the colours and characters of New York City’s Chinatown. Judy Dry, Indie Wire

Tsai Chin leads this dark comedy as a grandma whose ‘luck’ puts her on the wrong side of Chinatown gangs. Andrew Heskins,