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NFS Celebrating 40 years – Sunday 20th October
6.00pm – 6:30pm – sparkling wine and cake
6:30pm – 8:15pm – film + Q&A with director

“Camino Skies” is a walking meditation on life, love and loss. Exploring themes of spirituality, well-being and religion, this is the inspirational journey of six strangers from New Zealand and Australia walking the 800-kilometer Camino de Santiago to overcome the personal and physical trauma that life has dealt them. Through blisters, shin splints and heat, the Camino forces pilgrims to defy their age and physical ability, while also acting as a catalyst for change. Both heart-breaking and inspirational, “Camino Skies” is an uplifting story about everyday people doing the extraordinary.

This is the most beautiful documentary! – Sarah McMullan, Radio NZ

The love and support they give to each other is inspirational – David Stratton

One helluva journey – Vicky Roach, Sunday Telegraph

A bittersweet testament to the endurance of the human spirit – Hagan Osborne, Janks Reviews

It’s heartbreaking, foot-blistering, inspiring and terrific. – Russell Baillie, NZ Listener

A film that freely invokes laughter, tears and genuine wonder at the human spirit – ‎Susie Schwartfeger