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CUSTODY – Monday 19thNovember 2018 

Directed by Xavier Legrand 
France – Subtitled 
93 mins 

Miriam and Antoine have recently separated. While she is willing to permit their 17 year old daughter, Josephine, to decide living arrangements for herself, Miriam is desperate to keep her youngest, 11 year old Julian, away from his father. However the Magistrate rules in favour of joint custody and suddenly the boy is thrown directly into the middle of an escalating parental conflict where it seems inevitable that sides must be chosen.

In his directional debut, Xavier Legrand’s precise dissection of this family dynamic builds into a pulse-pounding thriller. Superbly observed and flawlessly acted, Custody has won many international film awards including the Silver Lion for Best Director and Best First Feature at the Venice Film Festival.


“First-time filmmaker Xavier Legrand based this harrowing chronicle on extensive interviews with those on the frontlines of domestic abuse, and he communicates his findings with great sensitivity and withering insight.” – Leigh Paasch, Herald Sun

“The unrelenting narrative and flawless performances make this a powerful piece of cinema.”– Matthew Toomey, ABC Radio

“The events that unfold in this brilliant and troubling movie are all too real.”- David Stratton, The Australian.